Oct 29, 2010

WHY DC - 10 Reasons

Why Us? There's more to it than just really fast servers. Here's 10 of the many reasons to choose (dc) as your web hosting provider.

1. We never close.

We never leave, and the lights are never off. We are a true 24/7/365 company. Call us at 3:00am New Year's Night - we'll be here. It's part of our Support Promise.

2. We're affordable.

When you truly consider the facts - when you add up all of the features - we undeniably offer more value than any nearest competitor. Sometimes you have to look beyond the price and consider all things such as quality, uptime, support and then features. There is a cost to "cheap web hosting" - don't let it burn you.

3. We answer the phone.

Our average hold time for technical support because we call our valued customer when ever they need us.

4. We hire amazing employees.

The talent runs deep within our organization. This means a better hosting experience for you. While working at (dc) Diligent Creators may be great, interviewing isn't all that fun. Our on-site (no book, no google) written competency tests take approximately 2 hours to complete (yes, we'll give you a Red Bull). Simply, we find, hire and train the most talented individuals possible and we work hard to keep them.

5. Serving since 1997.

We've been in the web hosting business for over 10 years (in "internet years" that's something like 30 years!). We're not "fly by night" - we're not going anywhere. Our longevity and experience matters.

6. The web needed a new hosting partner.

In 2006, shared server technology died. The web changed, and so have the requirements of site owners. Traffic is up and traditional servers are buckling under the pressure. A new solution was needed that could handle overnight load spikes without costly reconfiguration. We had to re-invent web hosting. If you'd like - go ahead and call us HOSTING 2.0.

7. Top tier data centers.

Our data centers provide some of the highest level design and engineering features available in the world; surpassing uptime, security, cooling and power redundancy standards of most other hosting facilities.

8. World's greatest designers.

The world's hottest, most talented designers have trusted (dc) Diligent Creators for years to serve their digital creations. Being the most critical demographic on the Internet, we believe this has strong merit.

9. Innovation.

Over and over (dc) Diligent Creators has been first to market with new technologies. Notably, we are the hosting company authorized to host iASP for Linux, Macromedia's FlashCommunication Server, Zend's PHP Performance solutions, Six Apart's MovableType blogging software and now we have just released the world's most powerful, affordable utility computing hosting platform.

10. We rise to the challenge.

Just like all complex systems, hosting services occasionally encounter problems. When something unexpected happens within our network that affects your websites, we immediately rise to the challenge and provide transparent status updates in real-time through our custom-built incident manager. Subscribe to the RSS feed for an incident to stay updated every step of the way until it's resolved.

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