Jun 24, 2009

AdminPraise2 Beta v2.1 Released


AdminPraise2 Beta
Joomla 1.5.x

In a fairly quick 10 day cycle, we’ve just released an updated version of AdminPraise2 Beta. This update was mainly to address the critical errors people were having with PHP4. We’ve also updated the Manager/Admin/Super Admin permissions in the menu, and all the corresponding modules so Manager and Admins won’t see the stuff they’re not suppose to see.

For those that have AP2 installed, simply reinstall with the new package, and run the installation process again, which will blow away all the menu items and modules, and setup the latest for you. We’ve still got pleny of IE bugs to fix, we’re addressing those next.

Version 2.1.0 – 2/24/09

[Fixed] – PHP4 error with mod_apquicklaunch
[Fixed] – PHP4 error with mod_apmenu
[Fixed] – PHP4 notice for Legacy version language
[Fixed] – Incorrect user default permissions on mod_apicons, mod_apdock, and mod_apmenu menu items
[Changed] – CSS margins on pagination
[Changed] – CSS to display content overflow
[Changed] – CSS width for login
[Added] – missing toolbar image for users
[Added] – missing toolbar image for back
[Added] – mod_mytheme

AdminPraise2 Beta v2.1 Released Download

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