Jun 29, 2009

ChickenPing 1.10

ChickenPing is a recipe organizer which lets you create, download, rate and share recipes. Also available for Windows Mobile, you can take your portable cookbook with you anywhere.

Features Include:
  • Scale recipes for more or fewer servings
  • Add snapshots of your finished recipes
  • Create shopping lists from recipes
  • Find recipes using what's in the fridge
  • Take recipes with you on a Windows Mobile smartphone
  • Publish snapshots to Flickr
  • Import from RecipeML format
  • ... and much more

Changes in ChickenPing 1.10
  • Added: Windows Mobile Syncronization utility.
  • Added: Categories, minimum and maximum number of ingredients to search.
  • Added: Ability to store multiple snapshots for a recipe.
  • Added: Uploading snapshots to Flickr.
  • Added: Selectable icons to each recipe.
  • Added: Splash screen.
  • Changed: Entering a comma when adding categories for a recipe now adds the category.
Changes in ChickenPing Mobile 1.05
  • Added: Icons to recipe list.
  • Changed: Categories can now be selected using checkboxes.
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