Jul 12, 2009

ApexDC++ 1.2.1 Released

ApexDC++ is an innovative Direct Connect client based on latest version of StrongDC++. It has numerous features such as a plugin to block IP addresses (uses PeerGuardian blocklist), super seeding, customisation, themes, and a nice Vista-type general user interface.

  • Fix: High CPU issues related to TLS
  • Fix: Tooltip not showing on first button in Media Toolbar plugin
  • Change: Re-worded TLS option in Security settings page (disabled by default - please enable if you wish to use encrypted hubs)
  • Change: Improved Toolbar icons' sharpness (Thanks RadoX)
  • Change: Updated installer to NSIS 2.45 improving reliability
News source: Official website
Download: ApexDC++

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