Jul 10, 2009

EA officially announces Command & Conquer 4

Today Electronic Arts (EA) has officially announced the development of Command & Conquer 4 for the PC platform with a shipping release date sometime in 2010.

The Command & Conquer (C&C) franchise started back in 1995 designed for the PC which was then ported to numerous platforms including the Sega Saturn, Playstation, Nintendo 64 and multiple other systems.

The franchise as a whole is made up of multiple story lines across the different Command & Conquer games, the original started the Tiberium arc which has been continued across 3 games so far, and has been announced to be concluded in C&C4 next year.

The Command & Conquer 4 story will let you once again take control of either GDI or NOD factions, battling over the remains of earth after Tiberium has spread to a point where only 6 years remain before the planet is consumed by the alien substance.
Once again Kane returns from his rumoured death to continue the fight against the GDI, though it is currently not known or released if the third faction, the Scrin as seen in Tiberium Wars, will return as a playable side or just an enemy for you to fight through the campaign.

A new class based structure has been put in place which include offence and defence classes for your units, and an introduction of mobile bases for the Tiberium story arc which were used heavily in the previous C&C release, Red alert 3.

Players will now have a consistent profile that compiles progression throughout the game, whether you are in the single-player campaigns or battling on-line in the multi-player. Co-op will also return from C&C:RA3 letting players fight through the campaign with a friend, or be part of a team with the new 5vs5 objective multi-player mode.

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