Jul 24, 2009

Google Chrome Released

Google Chrome has been released to the Beta channel. Some principal changes release since
  • Updated V8 to to improve stability and performance.
  • Printing fixes and print selection for Windows.
  • Initial support for the video tag.
  • Updated look and feel of the url bar (aka the Omnibox).
  • Improved our Developer Tools by adding the scripts and profiles tabs, plus support for docking the inspector into the main window.
In addition to some minor UI changes:
  • Minor Tweaks renamed as "Personal Stuff" in the Options menu
  • Browsing data options added to the Options menu, under Personal Stuff.
  • Default download location and font/language settings moved from Minor Tweaks to the Under the hood tab
  • Exceptions is a tab in the "Passwords and Exceptions" dialog, rather than a separate button in the Passwords section of the Options menu.
You can install the current Beta channel release from http://www.google.com/intl/en/landing/chrome/beta/.

Anthony Laforge
Google Chrome Program Manager

Download: Google Chrome

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