Jul 1, 2009

Messenger Plus! Live 4.82 Released

A new version of your Messenger add-on is now available on this very web site. Version 4.82 will probably be one of the last of the 4th generation of Messenger Plus! as work on version 5 will officially begin during summer. For that reason, a complete health check-up in Windows 7 has been performed in today’s release. Some things have been fixed, some other things have been by improved. One example of that in the tighter integration of Tabbed Chats with the new Aero preview thumbnails.

As usual, you can read about every improvements and bug fixes in the change log. You can also give your thanks to the translators and the beta testers who help make sure Messenger Plus! keeps being reliable and dependable, every step of the way. Among the improvements, because so many users now enjoy skins and scripts of all kinds, the Import/Export feature of Messenger Plus! now back-ups your entire scripts and skins settings. One less worry for you to have next time you format your computer or you want to bring your set of personal settings with you.

And finally, if you saw nothing else in the change log that motivates you to upgrade, consider this: this release integrates everything that will be needed for the Messenger Plus! 2009 Contest which will begin next week! More about that will be said soon, but those of you who’ve been using the software for some time will probably recognize the little golden icon in their contact list and the meaning of it… you’ll just have to be patient for one more week until the contest and its prizes are revealed .

View: Changelog
Download: Messenger Plus! Live 4.82.368

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