Jul 25, 2009

Microsoft alters Laptop Hunter ad due to Apple's requests

Microsoft's Laptop Hunter range of advertisements are quite popular; their goal is to show consumers how much money can be saved if you choose to purchase a computer packing the Windows operating system over an Apple branded one. Recently though, Apple made some price drops, and it seems it wasn't just to please consumers... they wanted those advertisements gone. Whilst that hasn't exactly been achieved, Electronista is reporting that they may have gotten the next best thing.

After making said price drops, it was reported that Apple's PR contacted Microsoft's COO Kevin Turner directly and told him that the advertisements need to be removed. This apparently made him quite pleased, as it showed they were working, though nobody said whether or not the request would be fulfilled; as you can see, it hasn't.

The ad features a girl named Lauren and her mother, Sue, and originally it went a little something like this: Upon perusal of the Mac section in the store, Lauren stated, "this Mac is $2,000, and that's before adding anything." Sue chimes in with, "why would you pay twice the price?" and then Lauren, ever witty, comes back with an, "I wouldn't." However, this has been changed. Now the ad goes thusly (you can watch the video below, if you're so inclined): Upon reaching the Apple part of the shop, Lauren notes, "this one only has a 250GB hard drive. It seems like you're paying a lot for the brand."

As we mentioned, the video is embedded below, so let us know what you think of the change.


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