Jul 10, 2009

Mozilla collecting all web tools together in one directory

If you're a web developer, you'll hopefully be aware that there are many helpful (and free) tools designed to progress your quest for an epic website; the only problem with this, though, is that you have to find them. There is currently no centralized directory for all such tools, but Mozilla's fed up of this, and has set out to build one of their own, according to MoMB (via the folks at TechCrunch).

Mozilla has posted an entry on their official blog regarding the new site, with Ben Galbraith saying, "There are an immense number of tools that have been created to help web developers. Unfortunately, you might never know this; there's no central index of these tools. It turns out that keeping up with all the development in this space is really difficult–even for folks like us who have been tracking it every day for years." He continues to say that Mozilla wishes people to submit tools to the directory, via this URL., and to place feedback regarding features and usability of it, too. One idea on how they wish to display more info about a tool can be spotted here.

If you're running a modern browser, such as Firefox 3.5, Opera 10, Chrome 2 or Safari 4 (to name a few) you can already check out the project as it is, though note it's still in Mozilla Labs, so it's still a work in progress. This is great if you have a nifty tool that you wish to get out to the world, as that's exactly what Mozilla wants; submit your tools now, and place feedback here in the comments (or preferably, to Mozilla) on how things work out for you.


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