Jul 15, 2009

Online Armor Released

Online Armor:
Online Armor AV+:
Online Armor FREE:
Note: Online Armor AV+ has been discontinued and replaced by Online Armor ++

Whats New:
  • 1454 Resolved (Fixed) OA vs. Vista SP2 update
  • 1311 Resolved (Implemented) Option to disable new network discovery
  • 1365 Resolved (Implemented) Shell menu translation
  • 1193 Resolved (Fixed) McAfee vs. OA (BSoD)
  • 1208 Resolved (Fixed) Filter Invalid MAC problems (added ZyXEL routers)
  • 1222 Resolved (Fixed) OA hangs on shutdown
  • 1249 Resolved (Fixed) OA perpetually "discovering network" on VM interfaces
  • 1223 Resolved (Fixed) Inconsistent context menus in Firewall -> Restrictions
  • 1224 Resolved (Fixed) Country restrictions context menu option is functional when it should be greyed out
  • 1226 Resolved (Fixed) Typo in Autoruns context menu
  • 1256 Resolved (Fixed) Banking mode status
  • 1283 Resolved (Fixed) Minor Issue: White Icon in active connection of Firewall status
  • 1325 Resolved (Fixed) Popup wording issue for creating exe files
  • 1338 Resolved (Fixed) System Restore blocked on Vista SP2
  • 943 Resolved (Fixed) Wireless network continually re-detected
  • 1376 Resolved (Fixed) If i uncheck "New network discovery", my computer tab becomes blank
  • 1394 Resolved (Implemented) Auto-block balloon-tip alert
  • 1387 Resolved (Fixed) Alternate monitoring mode isn't monitoring (removed alternate monitoring mode since it wasn't working)
  • 1398 Resolved (Fixed) OAMine.exe crashes
  • 1365 Resolved (Implemented) Shell menu translation
  • 1416 Remove disabling of menu items during scan
  • 1417 File enumeration - heuristic updated; Asks now on most unknown programs.
  • 1418 Trusted install - now iterates Program Files *.*
Download: Online Armor™

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