Jul 17, 2009

Power pack for Home Server announced, inc Win 7 support

Microsoft has announced Power Pack 3 (beta) for Windows Home Server today which adds important Windows 7 support to the list of features.
  • Full Image-based Backups of Windows 7 PCs. After the Windows Home Server Connector is installed on your Windows 7 PCs, Action Center should no longer display that your files are not being backed up.
  • Windows 7 Libraries Support. Music, Photos and Videos shared folders from your Windows Home Server will be added to Windows 7 Libraries. Content saved to these shared folders will be able to be quickly accessed through your Windows 7 Libraries. And any application, like Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center, will be able to access content saved on your Windows Home Server through Libraries as well.
  • Windows Search 4 is now included. With Windows Search 4, PP3 offers improved query search times, indexing times and reliability. Easy search through a Library in Windows 7 with files stored in multiple locations.
  • Windows Media Center Enhancements. Archive old recorded TV shows onto your Windows Home Server in a variety of formats. Use Console Quick View to see statistics about your Windows Home Server through Windows Media Center.
The Windows Home Server team have not confirmed a general availability for the final bits but it's expected they will be made available shortly before the Windows 7 release on October 22.

If you are interested in testing the Power Pack 3 beta then you can sign up at Microsoft's connect site. More information on Power Pack 3 is available at the Windows Home Server team blog.

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