Jul 29, 2009

Spyware Doctor Released

We are happy to announce the release of Spyware Doctor version v6.

The new features include:
  • Password Protection – Settings, Immunizer & IntelliGuard Settings can now be protected by a password. When active, users will be required to enter a password to change some or all of the settings of these functions (range of protection determined by the user).
    Important - Please do NOT forget your password. A Password hint is provided to assist in recovering lost passwords. PC Tools cannot recover your Password, nor will any PC Tools employee EVER ask you to reveal your Password.
  • Full Screen Mode – Should the user wish to watch movies, play games or display a full-screen presentation, Spyware Doctor can be set to recognize this mode and silently block threats without interruption. Popups are blocked and the History will record all events processed during this time.
  • Right Click Scan – Users have the ability to right click on a file, folder or drive and perform a scan with Spyware Doctor.
  • New Scan Engine – The new scan engine has been integrated with file detection which will improve detection capabilities, improve scan speed and reduce memory usage.
  • Network driver (TDI) enhancements – The update divides network TDI monitoring into the following components:
    1. TDI generic driver – Receive network events and pass them to plugins that are registered to receive those events
    2. Product specific Network Plugins – Site Guard Plugin will register with TDI to receive and handle Site Guard TDI events. This will allow an easy way to update drivers specific to the plugin without having to update all TDI driver components.
Fixes in Spyware Doctor v6.0.1.447 include:
  • Error where service is starting in '0's' resolved
  • Changes with the evaluation package
  • Minor bug fixes
Where to download Spyware Doctor v6.0.1.447

For Spyware Doctor v6.0.1.447 Standalone, please click here.

Please note: If you have a SDAV license, a Smart Update will download the AV component.

Important: If you have installed SDv6.5.0.460 beta, you will first need to uninstall this version. Otherwise you can reinstall this version over the previous verison.

For Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus v6.0.1.447, please click here.

Operating System: Designed for Windows® Vista™ 64-bit SP1, Vista™ 32-bit, XP and 2000. Windows® 98 users click here.

Email Guard, Site Guard and Behavior Guard are available as optional add-ons to subscribers. You can enable/disable add-ons from 'My Licenses' section in MyAccount. For more detail on available add-ons visit: http://www.pctools.com/spyware-doctor/addons/

Please Note: Site Guard, Email Guard and Behavior Guard addons are not yet available on a 64 bit Operating System.

Link: Homepage
Download: Spyware Doctor

Registration Key:
Name: tano1221 SDFDSF ---
Serial: B4E1-C220-1C5B-F197-9A64-70EE-DD40-A9E2-00D0-CB92
Note: After you did that follow these steps for unlimited license: First run "Run.exe" type in Regedit. then search for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PCIools\ThreatFire

See in the list and look for the file "Registration" Just delete it.


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Anonymous said...

thanks, the key is valid :)

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