Jul 23, 2009

Tweak7 Released

Tweak 7 is designed to allow users the opportunity to optimize the performance and behavior of Microsoft Windows 7. Tweak7 was created with both casual users and power users in mind. Tweak7's key features include performance optimizing, start-up program management, program identification, benchmarking, security tweaking, Cost of Use reports, Carbon Footprint analysis and user profiles.

Features include:
  • Security (User Access Control) Management - Tweak7 has easy to configure security settings for managing the new security features of Windows 7. Other security settings can also be configured with one-click. If you've found some of the security prompts in Windows 7 getting in your way, Tweak7 offers relief.
  • Start-Up Manager - See what programs are being launched on start-up (even ones that you may not be aware of) and quickly find out what they are doing and whether you need them. By utilizing the startup monitor built into Windows 7 to analyze problems; processes that take longer to start or shutdown are flagged for review.
  • Recommendations - Automatically evaluate all aspects of your Windows 7 configuration with detailed, yet easy to understand, suggestions provided to help you get more control over your Windows 7 PC.
  • Process Identification - Leveraging the community, users can read and create information regarding each process currently running. When a user clicks on a program name Tweak7 returns information about that process to help in deciding what to leave running and what to shut off.
  • Performance Optimization - Tweak7 knows all the default services on Windows 7 and many of them are not needed for most people. Tweak7 can safely guide users through common user configurations to optimize performance and memory use.
  • Internet Optimization - Tweak7 can improve your Internet surfing performance by changing the underlying Internet settings on Windows 7 to fit the capabilities of your PC.
  • Cost of Use and Carbon Footprint Analysis - Tweak7 calculates the cost of running your PC. In addition a Carbon Footprint index is calculated. How "Green" is your PC?
More features coming soon as well. See more of what's planned with Tweak7 here. Tweak7 is available with a subscription to Object Desktop Ultimate, or stand-alone for $19.95. Free trial available soon.

Link: Tweak7
Screenshot: Welcome Screen | Start Up Manager

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