Jul 22, 2009

TwitCam, live video streaming for Twitter

There have always been a ton of options for people who want to web cam stream live, however none of those options where ever very easy to use or high quality. Today a new service was launched with the hope of matching twitter in ease of use. Twitcam is a high quality, plug-in-less web cam streaming service.

Twitcam makes use of Twitters API, so if you are all ready signed up on twitter. You are all set to go, just use your twitter sign in info and start broadcasting. Twitcam sends a tweet out to your followers and invites them to join you in a twitcam chat. Every time someone enters a tweet on twitcam, it is also sent as @reply on twitter. This allows for much more social chat, then any existing solution.

TwitCam has a dead simple UI, with controls for broadcasting and chatting. Right now the video window is slightly small, but TwitCam says it will increase the size in a future release.

If you ask me TwitCam has the makings of the next killer app for twitter. With it high ease of use and the simple accessibility (Twitter API). Right now it is not fully featured enough to sway professional users from services such as ustream & justin.tv. But for now it should become a popular tool for casual streamers.


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