Jul 11, 2009

Windows 7 ISO Verifier

Long Zheng has just released a pretty useful utility for figuring out of that Windows 7 ISO you just downloaded is legit or not.

"Leading up to the inevitable leak of the Windows 7 RTM build like a bottle of champagne shaken once too many times, I wanted to make this process of verifying file hashes even simpler by making it easy and convenient to generate and compare the hashes. With the help of Sven Groot, we came up with this little applet for your Windows 7 ISO verifying pleasure."

All you do is drag and drop the ISO into the .EXE or just navigate to the ISO via the app and it will go through each file and check the hashes reporting what build it is and if it has been tampered with before.

Note: As a few users have noted, this only works for English versions of Windows 7 ISOs so far.

Download: Windows 7 ISO Verifier

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