Jul 1, 2009

WinRAR 3.90 beta 4 Released

What's New in Version 3.90 beta 4:
  1. New 'Shutdown' variable in 'SoftwareWinRARPolicy' registry key allows to disable "Turn PC off when done" option for security reasons. Read "Configuration settings/Registry variables" for more details.
  2. Program Compatibility Assistant in Windows 7 will not display an erroneous "This program might not have installed correctly message after closing RAR SFX archives created by this beta.
  3. Improved compatibility with high DPI Windows display mode.
  4. Bugs fixed:
  • beta 3 did not display archiving commands in context menu if user selected several archives;
  • beta 3 did not handle 'LongLink' records in TAR archives correctly;
  • recovery record based repair did not work correctly in previous beta versions;
  • beta 3 could display a folder icon for archived files without a file extension.
Download: WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 3.90 beta 4 | 64-bit

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