Aug 10, 2009

Mozilla delivers first alpha of Firefox 3.6

Mozilla announced on Friday the availability of Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1. This alpha comes just two months after the release of Firefox 3.5 and is the first of several developer previews. Codenamed Namoroka, after a national park in Madagascar, Firefox 3.6 is expected to be finalized and released later this year.

Namoroka uses the new Gecko 1.9.2 rendering engine which is also still in testing. The alpha includes several speed improvements to the javascript engine, and potential speed and responsiveness upgrades to the entire browser. Also Lifehacker is reporting that Tab Previews, a feature that was removed in the final beta of Firefox 3.5 has been added and includes a simple guide to activate this functionality. The latest alpha also includes some tweaks to CSS and supports multiple background images.

As always with an alpha, this release is recommended only for those truly on the bleeding edge. Mozilla is warning that only developers and testers download this latest alpha. If you haven't been scared away yet, check out the Mozilla Developer Blog for links to Alpha 1 in Mac OS, Linux or Windows flavors. Mozilla also welcomes any feedback, especially bug reports, and more information on submitting reports can be found at the Developer Blog as well.

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