Aug 3, 2009

WordPress for BlackBerry Beta

WordPress is working hard to reach out all those bloggers who are on the move and like to blog from their cell phones. First, they came out with a WordPress app for iPhone and now they have inched towards BlackBerry users.

Personally, I think they should have come with an Android or Symbian version first. Symbian already has a third-party blogging app for WordPress which is being used by many.


So moving on to the relevant topic, WordPress is out with the latest beta version of WordPress for BlackBerry I liked the idea of making a beta product available for public to gather better feedback.

Some of the changes you’ll see in this update are:

  • Improving response time of the user interface
  • Removing the photo multimedia option in the app because photo settings are managed in the main BlackBerry camera app
  • Fixing a bug with local drafts
  • Adding prompts to save post when clicking “Back” button
  • Fixing a bug involving categories
  • Fixing how private posts were not publishing correctly

Download WordPress for BlackBerry

You can download WordPress app for BlackBerry devices from here: Download WordPress for BlackBerry Beta

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