Oct 1, 2009

YouTube and Warner Music are best friends again

The Google owned company, YouTube, has one again made partners with music industry giant, Warner Music. The two media giants have finally ended a nine month dispute that started over royalty payments to Warner Music's artists and song writers.

YouTube and Warner Music couldn't come to a final agreement over royalties paid by hits generated on each of their artist's songs; the contact renewal was due in December. This forced YouTube to removal all the videos owned by Warner. The new deal between both companies will split the revenue from the videos, with Warner Music taking the majority of the share.

Warner Music will once again continue to stream music from their catalog of artists including Madonna, Metallica, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis and many more.

YouTube is now currently partners with the four major recording labels Universal, Sony, Warner Music and EMI.

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