Apr 1, 2010

YouTube to launch redesign today

Youtube is set to roll out their new video page design for all videos sometime today. The Google-owned site claims that it will be one of the biggest redesigns in the history of their company.

The interface overhaul will replace star ratings with a familiar “like/dislike” system. Video pages have been streamlined and extra clutter removed by grouping actions together in menus and uniting other areas of the site together, like the description and statistics area. Users can also search without interrupting the current video that’s playing and queue it right from the results.

Here is the the full email acquired by TechCrunch that was sent out to Youtube partners about today’s events:
Dear Partner,

We want to provide you with an update on YouTube’s new video page, which we’ve been hard at work on for the last several months.

You can read more about it here:



On Wednesday, March 31st we’re happy to let you know that we’ll be transitioning all YouTube videos to this new video page.

This new video page makeover is one of the biggest redesigns in YouTube history — and we’re excited to make YouTube a better place for you and your content!

Update: After some initial hiccups, the new redesign should be live for most users. Youtube has updated their blog with more information on the new design and also posted a getting started guide to visually walk you through the new changes.

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Rick@make money on youtube said...

The new design scares the sh*t outta me! It amazes me that the web designers for a billion dollar company could only muster this turd of a product after eight months (!) of supposed testing in beta.

That's a level of incompetence that's without precedent.

Google: If you're gonna aim low, aim down all the way. Let's not half-ass things. Let's completely ruin them.

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