May 28, 2010

New iPhone in June confirmed by AT&T to employees

Boy Genius reports that AT&T has confirmed to its employees that there will indeed be a new iPhone release in June. This comes after the same source reported that there was a vacation freeze for all employees in the same month. The news isn't exactly surprising, as all previous models of iPhone were released in June, and the annual keynote at the World Wide Developers Conference will be held this year coinciding with the logical June release date.

Image courtesy of Gizmodo

The much anticipated phone comes on the heels of heated controversy over Apple's handling of leaked (or just misplaced) information about the phone. Many times, the controversy overshadows the real story, which is the phone itself. It has been rumored and pretty much confirmed for quite some time that there will be a front-facing camera that will have video chat capability, as well as an updated backside camera with LED flash. According to Gizmodo's perusal of the prototype they found/bought, the screen looked like it was sporting a higher resolution than previous models, 960x640 pixels. All in all, it will be an exciting release, and I'm sure much of the controversy over Apple's behavior as of late will die down once users can get their hands on the new iPhone.

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