Jul 8, 2010

Google News gets an update

Google news has been quietly updated in an overhaul that is cleaner and offers more options to share news. While it appears that only the US site has been updated, it’s probable that in the coming weeks other countries sites will be updated too.

The two pictures below show the old style (top) and the newer style (bottom). The new style, while looking similar to the old, provides a cleaner interface and a drop down box to share the news stories by email, reader, Facebook, Twitter or Buzz.

Another new option is the ability to sort the news on the webpage by "list" or "category." Sorting by list will rank the news in terms of its popularity and sorting by category will sort the news stories into their respective news topics, such as business, sports, health and so on.

The update does add a refreshed look to the website that now makes the old version feel stale and outdated. As Google looks to keep its readers happy and attract new users, expect the update to hit other countries in the near future.

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