Jul 1, 2009

iPhone 3.1 firmware beta build 7C97D seeded to developers

Apple has released a beta build 7C97d of iPhone OS 3.1 to its developers today.

Although there is no official change log yet (as this is a first beta) we have installed the update on a 3G and 3GS here in the Neowin office and it's noticeably faster moving around the OS. We are still tinkering around trying to find further changes but rumour has it this update is getting pumped out to address some battery issues that users have been complaining about over at the Apple iPhone discussion forums. Early indications show that the tethering hack we detailed earlier this month does work correctly. We will update the list below with our findings.

What's new?
  • Faster boot up
  • Tethering hack still working
  • When you hold your finger on an App to move its position, the phone physically vibrates prior to wiggling the icons.

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