Jul 1, 2009

Microsoft adjusts Windows7E pricing for limited time

After reporting that Microsoft will be charging up to twice as much for the full version of Windows 7E in Europe compared to Windows 7 in the United States, Microsoft has responded by adjusting their pricing.

Consumers can purchase an upgrade for as little as $199 in the U.S. while Europe will pay €309 or $433.99 (US) for the full version.

Microsoft states the reason for the missing upgrade for Windows 7, that allows you to upgrade a valid Windows licensed copy of Vista for example to Windows 7 is that Vista came with Internet Explorer 8 pre-installed, while Windows 7E will not. Due to complications and a short notice to fix the IE8 problem the upgrade versions are delayed. The European Union antitrust regulators have forced Microsoft to ship a customized edition of Windows 7 in Europe without IE8. This will cause problems upgrading previous systems who have IE8 installed already, as for now, Microsoft does not have an upgrade edition of Windows 7E.

Microsoft released a limited time offer price adjustment on their full version of Windows 7E up until December 31, 2009, where consumers can purchase a copy of Windows 7E for the same price as U.S. consumers upgrade edition.

Now Europe will pay less for their version of Windows 7E full edition than people in the United States Windows 7 full edition.

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